'Legacy Voice Bots' Could Keep People's Memories Alive After They Die

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The company HereAfter is trying to preserve people's memories inside "legacy voice bots."

HereAfter's motto is "never lose someone you love," and its goal is to help people record their memories, stories, thoughts and messages that loved ones can access once they are departed. HereAfter plans to then upload that content to smart platforms like Amazon's Alexa so people can access them on a whim.


"Sometimes we go through tough times and it's in those times you want to talk to your parent, your mother, your father, your grandfather," Andrew Kaplan, who is volunteering himself to become AndyBot, told NBC. "Somebody close to you that maybe if you heard their voice, at least if you heard maybe what they went through might help you get through that time."

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HereAfter's co-creator James Vlahos thinks there will be a lot of enthusiasm about the technology but insisted he isn't trying to recreate anyone's brain. Instead, he told NBC, they want to create high-tech story storytelling that can unite people with their loved ones.

"Where we differ from is that we're not actually trying to recreate the dead person to reanimate them through technology," Vlahos said. "It really is a high-tech interactive sharing of oral history."

Kaplan, for his part, told The Washington Post he was excited about being a "pioneer" and figured, "why the hell not?"

"In the end, every story is about trying to help us find out who we are and where we came from, and this is no different," Kaplan told The Washington Post. "This is about history for me, a kind of limited immortality that creates an intimate personal experience for my future relatives who want to know where they came from."


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