This Dog Was Going To Be Euthanized. Half A Million People Worked Together To Save Him.'s 5 Most Popular Animal Victories of All Time

People love animals, especially on the internet.

But it's more than funny videos of cats and pictures of puppies that get people clicking online. It's uplifting stories of disabled animals being able to walk again. And it's stories of homeless animals finding new families. Really, animal stories of all kinds gain traction online.

Animal petitions also very popular on Petitions about animals had more supporters than any other cause area.

Again, our petitions feature more than cute puppies and kittens, although there are plenty of those. We've seen almost every type of animal featured in petitions on from the smallest - bees - to the largest - whales.

Some petitions aim to protect whole groups of animals. The top 5 animal victories list, below, includes a victory from Japan that asked international e-retailer,, to ban the sale of whale, dolphin, and porpoise meat on their website.

But the list is topped by a much more personal story. It's a local petition that asked the city of Dyersburg, TN to save Beau, a two and a half year old Golden Retriever/White German Shepard mix who was to be euthanized for allegedly killing a duck on his owner's property.

Beau was saved by more than 630,000 people who signed a petition. The most incredible part is that the town of Dyersburg only has a population of 17,000, so the vast majority of people who signed Beau's petition didn't know him or his owner, and they had probably never set foot in Dyersburg.

To create this list, below, we took looked at all of the winning animal petitions on and highlighted the most popular victories by signature count. 

Are you an animal lover? Here are some new animal campaigns that need your help now!


1. Save Beau's Life and Return him to his Owner with No Fees

Country: United States

Date of Victory: January 31, 2015

Number of Signatures: 636,067

Beau the dog was going to be euthanized for allegedly killing a duck and attempting to bite a child on his owner's property. Karol Wilcox started a petition that drew national attention to his plight and saved Beau. See Victory

2. Keep Raju the Crying Elephant Free!

Country: United States

Date of Victory: December 2, 2014

Number of Signatures: 468,188

Wildlife SOS successfully petitioned the courts in India to make sure that an elephant that was kept chained and beaten for 50 years, Raju, was not returned to his owners after being rescued by Wildlife SOS. A video of Raju crying when he was set free had already captured the internet. See Victory

3. Tell Tyson to Stop Torturing Pigs

Country: United States

Date of Victory: January 14, 2014

Number of Signatures: 370,005

Mercy For Animals petitioned Tyson Foods Inc., the second-largest pork producer in the U.S., to phase out gestational crates in its hog factory farms after witnessing the treatment of pigs during an undercover investigation. See Victory

4. Criminalize Animal Abuse

Country: Turkey

Date of Victory: June 26, 2014

Number of Signatures: 250,473

After learning about a man who was arrested for killing a cat, Neşe Akcan successfully petitioned the Turkish government to change the torture of animals from a misdemeanor to a criminal offense. See Victory

5. Don’t Allow the Commercial Slaughter of Seals!

Country: Russia

Date of Victory: June 6, 2015

Number of Signatures: 243,134

George Mzhavanadze started a petition to protect seals native to Russian (many of them endangered) from hunting, resulting in a ban from the Federal Fisheries Agency. See Victory


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