After Officiating Over 150 Weddings, She Created A Bridal Collection To Give LGBTQ People More Options

"We really hope to open the eyes of what is traditional."

After Liz Babinksi officiated nearly 150 weddings as part of her Liz Rae Wedding business, she began to notice that wedding attire doesn't often cater to LGBTQ needs and wants, and that the clothing largely conforms to traditional gender norms.

After doing more research, she saw the lack of options in the market so she decided to launch her own bridal line called Hensa in May 2016.

Courtesy of Hensa

According to the brand's look book, its mission is: "To create clothing that inspires unending freedom to express yourself." Furthermore, it is all about being uninhibited, "unintimidated," and undefined. 

"We believe that the only labels on life should be on your clothing. So, go ahead be bold, make a statement. Let yourself define the clothing, don't let the clothing define you. Wear anything."

Courtesy of Hensa

In an email to A Plus, Babinski explained why creating this bridal wear was so important to her. "The purpose of this line, and our company, was to create an inclusive line for all people," she explained. "So it is always the first thought when doing anything with the brand."

And even the brand's name reflects this. "The name Hensa derives from a combination of gender neutral pronouns in various languages," said Babinski. "Hensa strives to create a brand that is inclusive of all people, no matter what sexual orientation, race, or gender."

Courtesy of Hensa

Hensa aims to appeal to everyone. "When designing the clothes, we focused on keeping the elements simple but elegant, so that we wouldn't be leaning one way or another, keeping within the gender spectrum so everyone felt welcomed to the clothing, and not that it was speaking to a specific gender," said Babinski.

The Hensa founder also told Bridal Buyer, "Our key features will be strict black and whites but will have various lace pieces mixed with simple polyesters. We've seen cream and even darker colors appearing and we really believe that more and more women are wanting versatile or 'untraditional' clothing, such as the pantsuit, for their weddings — so our fall collection definitely plays on this."

Courtesy of Hensa

The brand's current collection features versatile unisex, multi-gendered, or gender fluid styles that are aimed for a variety of weddings. In addition to a black and white color palette, the silhouettes move away from traditional longer dresses to include shorter options, jumpsuits, pants, suits, and more.

Hensa's goal is to help diversify the industry and expand people's definition of 'traditional' wedding clothing.

"We really hope to open the eyes of what is traditional and traditionally marketed in the wedding industry to provide an alternative option for those who don’t feel like they fit the norm," Babinski said.

Courtesy of Hensa

The brand also has plans to expand beyond wedding styles. Hensa is currently working on an everyday collection. 

Courtesy of Hensa


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