Watch 'Man Of Steel' Actor Henry Cavill Try To Convince Kids To Pick Superman Over Batman

"Can Batman do super eyes? No. He just sits in a cave."

It may be a month before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is released in theaters, but the quest to find out which superhero is better, stronger, and more badass has been around since — well, since the two characters have been in existence. That's why Man of Steel actor Henry Cavill took the Batman-vs.-Superman question to kids — the "most brutally honest fans" he could find. 

As part of an Omaze fundraising campaign, Cavill spoke to some kids about the age-old debate. "If Batman and Superman were to have a fight," Cavill asked, "who do you think would win?"

One boy replied Superman, but he'd first have to get some upgrades. "I can teach you the tornado kick," the boy said. "Go for the face and then you do that right in the peanuts!"

Watch the hilarious "interview" here:



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