Brits Henry Cavill And Simon Pegg Teach A Lesson In English Slang Any Twit Could Learn From

What the heck does "damp squib" mean?

There's one mission that definitely isn't impossible when you have capable teachers: learning English slang. Thankfully, stars Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg from Mission: Impossible – Fallout were around to do just that in a new video from Vanity Fair.


First up was "idiot box," which is what they call the television. Pegg explains that they call it that because everything on TV is rubbish but, when they start to rattle off shows that are actually quality programming, they walk back that statement.

We learn that there are quite a few words for essentially calling someone dumb — like "twit" and "muppet" — and there are some that just sound funny, such as "argy-bargy" and "doofer." Our favorites are "hard cheese" (which Cavill has admittedly never heard of) and "damp squib (just because it sounds funny), but we get the biggest kick from the discussion around the phrase "spend a penny."

"That comes from the fact that you used to have to put a one pence into the lavatory stalls in order to access them to do a No. 1, or No. 2, or — if you're unlucky — a No. 3," Pegg notes.

"To 'spend a penny' is to go No. 1," Cavill says with certainty. When Pegg asks what you call it when going a No. 2, an obvious follow-up, Cavill doesn't waste a second and fires back: "A pound?" This little joke gives the guys — and us — an LOL moment.

In the end, these guys "know one's onions." Don't know what that means? You'll have to watch and find out.

Watch the English slang lesson with Cavill and Pegg here:


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