Watch These Babes Transform Into Absolute Beauties Thanks To This Bizarre Contouring Technique

Go, ladies.

You might remember this from a couple months ago.


At that time, BellaDeLune, a makeup artist and a vlogger, released a video on "clown contouring" and it took the Internet by storm. 

To send a powerful message to all makeup shamers, she painted herself as a clown.

"I cannot tell you how many times I've been called a clown, and many other names and been hated on," she explained in her video." [...] You know what, negativity could be around us all the time. But guess what? I can just literally blend it away."

Absolute babe!

It looks like the "alternative contouring" trend is here to say. More and more makeup-savvy ladies are opting for a contouring techniques that aren't really traditional.

Inspired by the BellaDeLune's "clown contouring," Shahina Aslam, a makeup artist from Zimbabwe, decided to do her own take on it.

After swapping actual henna with highlighters and sculpting powder, she drew stunning patterns on her face to embrace her passion for henna tattoos. 

Whoa. Absolutely gorgeous.

So now #HennaContour is an actual thing ...

More and more makeup artists and makeup-savyy ladies around the world are following the trend inspired by the original henna tattoos. Just watch this.

More power to you, ladies.

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