7 Of The Best Things To Do For Someone Who Is Going Through A Breakup

Love is hard. Friendship is easier.

A breakup can be one of the most painful experiences in life. No one wants to feel that way, and no one wants their friends to feel that way either. When a friend is feeling down after a breakup, it is our obligation to help them move on.

Here are seven ways to help your friend get over a breakup:


1. Spend time together.

Taking sufficient time to spend with your friend following their breakup can make a tremendous difference. It reminds them that they have a great friend who they can talk to during this difficult time. Clear your schedule and make time for them.

2. Stay positive.

While it might be easy for them to dwell on the past relationship and the way that it ended, that negative energy won't be helpful. A good friend should keep the conversations focused on the positives, including the positive lessons gained from the previous relationship and how that person can now have a better life.

3. Empathize with them.

Chances are that you also had your fair share of breakups in the past, and you are now a better person because of it. Explain to your friend what you felt during your breakups and how you successfully moved on in a positive way.

4. Take them to new places.

It can be tough to visit common places that your friend and their significant other frequently attended. If you take your friend to new and exciting places, it will be easier for them to get over the breakup.

5. Introduce them to new activities.

Being active and trying new things is always a great way to get your mind off of something negative. If your friend is used to doing the same old activities they did with their ex, then trying something new can be a refreshing experience for them.

6. Enlist help from other friends.


Helping someone get over a breakup can be rough sometimes, but help from other companions makes it easier. Pick up the phone and make sure that other people your friend knows can pitch in and help out. They might be able to provide new perspectives and ensure that your friend is always receiving the love and attention that they deserve.

7. Show them how easy it is to meet new people.

Thanks to modern technology, it is easy meet other local single people. Dating applications and local social groups are a great place to start on the search for finding a new lover. Help your friend along the dating journey by offering support, advice and even accompanying them to social groups if need be.

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