5-Year-Old Who Completed A Triathlon To Raise Money For Veterans Meets One Of Her Heroes In Heartwarming Video

"People like you are our heroes."

It's probably fair to say we could all use more feel-good stories to brighten up our mornings these days. Luckily, there are people like 5-year-old Temperance Pattinson and 38-year-old war veteran Simon Brown to remind us of some of the good in the world. 

Pattinson and Brown recently sat face-to-face to learn more about each other after the 5-year-old expressed her wish to meet a "real-life" soldier. Pattinson swam 100 meters (which is about 328 feet) and completed a triathlon for Help for Heroes, a U.K.-based organization that supports veterans who have suffered injuries or illness as a result of their service. Pattinson's efforts helped to raise money to help some of those veterans. 

"Even though I didn't know any of the soldiers I just thought that they did something for us," Pattinson told Brown during their meeting. "I thought I could give a present back to them by raising them money."


"Brown is one of at least 66,000 ex-military personnel with life-changing injuries and illnesses in the U.K.," according to Help for Heroes. He told Pattinson that he was a soldier for 13 years in the army. 

"In 2006, I was injured whilst on a rescue mission in Iraq. I was shot by a sniper, but I was very fortunate to survive," Brown told Pattinson. "When I came home, I found out that I'd lost my sight and I had to rebuild my life after being told that I was going to be a blind man and leave the army." 

Brown lost 80 percent of his sight as a result of the shooting and had 25 operations to rebuild his shattered face. 

Pattinson revealed she was inspired to challenge herself during the triathlon to ride her bike even though she's afraid because soldiers challenge themselves. "I'm quite proud of the soldiers," Pattinson said. 

"It's because of the challenges that you do and the money you raise and the support you get that people like me can get better. So that's why people like you are our heroes," Brown told Pattinson. 

"And people like you are mine," the 5-year-old replied. 

To watch these two heroes meet, check out the video above. 


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