Helen Mirren's Inspirational Christmas Message Is Both Naughty And Nice

She says what we're all thinking.

Dame Helen Mirren is nothing if not honest. Whether the subject is the presidential election or the aging process, she always tells it like it is. So she was the perfect choice to deliver the frank Christmas message we all needed to hear after a difficult year.

At the request of talk show host Graham Norton, the actress addressed the camera to share some inspirational words. One word in particular, however, might get her put on Santa's naughty list.

"At this time of celebration and togetherness," she began, "we have the chance to reflect on the year gone by, and I think we can all agree that 2016 has been a big pile of shit."

Cue roaring laughter from the audience, as Mirren maintained her regal composure. But she wasn't finished there. She also had a few clever ideas for how to make this year's holiday a happy one, despite the events leading up to it: "So my advice to you is drink responsibly, and be merry. Have a very happy Christmas, but above all, go see Collateral Beauty, out on Boxing Day [in the U.K.]."

Mirren ended the speech by dropping the mic. And then, being the class act that she is, she picked it right back up again.


Hear Mirren's refreshing message below:

(H/T: Mashable)


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