Dame Helen Mirren Has A Few Stern Words For America

Every vote counts.

The consequences of the Brexit results have not yet fully come into effect, but when they do, the U.K. will be grappling with them perhaps for decades to come. 

Fueled by anti-immigrant sentiment, Brexit saw many vote against their own self-interest to remove themselves from the European Union. After the results were announced, those same people expressed shock that their vote actually mattered and regret at their choice — and exposed a basic misunderstanding of how democracy worked. 


As the U.K. steels itself for the blow following Brexit, its people are watching America's presidential election with a wary eye, fearful of a similar outcome from their neighbors across the Atlantic. Among those imploring Americans to learn from the U.K.'s mistake is Dame Helen Mirren, who stars in a short video titled "No Regrets," urging American voters to cast their ballots on election day.

"No one really thought that Great Britain would leave the European Union, but it did," Mirren said. "And this was not only a hit to our economy but to our humanity. Because this was a vote cast in fear rather than hope. Don't make the same mistake we did."

Mirren mentions neither presidential nominee by name, but instead says towards the end of the video that "love must trump hate."


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