You'll Want To Try Jimmy Fallon And Heidi Klum's New Dance Moves On Your Next Night Out

Especially the "Fork in the Garbage Disposal."

Jimmy Fallon brought us another exciting installment of Dance Battle last night on The Tonight Show. In the past, he's made up dance moves with Jennifer Lopez and Kate Upton. This time, his guest was model and America's Got Talent judge Heidi Klum, who was more than up for the challenge.

Klum and Fallon take turns pushing the button on the Dance Move Generator, which offers up the name of a nonexistent dance move that they then have to perform. Things start off strong with Heidi Klum's "Invisible Hula Hoop," which she spins all the way up to her head.

The host has more of a challenge with the "Fork in the Garbage Disposal," which somehow has him acting like both the person dropping the fork and the fork itself. As for Klum's "Speed Bowling" and Fallon's "Mom Tries Hip-Hop," we'll definitely be working them into our repertoire the next time we go out.

The only move you might want to think twice before attempting on the dance floor is the "Eggs N' Bacon," which Fallon and Klum demonstrate together. Unless you can get the crowd to make room for you, in which case you'll probably be the talk of the night.


See every ridiculous move for yourself in the video below:


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