This Grieving Dad Wants You To Watch This Video Before You Go Out Tonight

The most powerful statement on the subject you'll see.

On May 23, 2012, John Seaman's daughter Kellie was a passenger in a car with her friend Jeremy DeMarcus Price and her 7-month-old son when the vehicle she was traveling in was struck by a drunk driver going in excess of 100 mph. Price was killed instantly. Kellie's son endured traumatic brain injury. Kellie suffered brain injury, broken bones, and a broken neck. 

Kellie was 5 months pregnant. She lost the baby.

John Seaman recorded this video in October of 2012 in the hope that he might spare some other family the pain that his was enduring and still endures.

On June 18, 2013, Kellie Seaman died. 

Her father has set up a Facebook page dedicated to helping animals - a passion of his daughter's - in Kellie's memory.

H/T: Reddit.

Please don't drink and drive, ever. And please share this with your friends.


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