This Valentine's Day She's Looking For Someone To Give Her Their Whole Heart. Literally.

And you can do something about it.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. We're all busy buying heart-shaped chocolates, drafting love notes for that special someone and planning romantic candlelit dinners.

At first blush, it might appear that Stacie, the young woman in video below, has the same Valentine's Day wish as the rest of us.

"I'm looking for someone special," she says into the camera with a big bright smile in her face. "Someone, who would give me their whole heart."

Don't we all? But the whole truth here is that Stacie, in fact, is one of 265 people in the UK waiting for a heart donor. When she says that she needs someone to give a heart, she means that quite literally. Stacie has been on a waiting list for three years but hasn't gotten her match yet. Two out of ten people in the UK never receive the heart transplant that they require.


Plenty of people, nine out of ten to be precise, support organ donation. So how is it possible that 20 percent of patients never receive the transplant they need? Well, only three out of ten people actually sign up to become a donor

In cases like these, it's not always enough to support a cause. We have to take action. Please sign up to become a registered donor to help people like Stacie and millions of others. 

You can read more about Stacie and #GiveYourHear here.

If you're in the US and wish to become a registered donor, you can get more information on this webpage. Otherwise, Googling organ donation in your country should do the trick.

Please share this to raise awareness of this cause and encourage people to take action.


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