A Person In This Video Is Having An Actual Heart Attack, But Can You Spot Them?

Don't let it fool you.

It is estimated that 308 million people live in the United States. Every year, almost 735,000 of them experience heart attacks. It's a dangerous and prevalent act. However, it is often overlooked.

To raise awareness about the risks of heart disease and the importance of knowing how to help those in need, the New Zealand-based nonprofit Heart Foundation produced a short but arresting video called "Heart Attack Act."


Heart Foundation asked five people to act out what they imagine having a heart attack looks like.

Most of the performances were very dramatic. Viewers' goals are to spot the "most realistic" one.

But there's a twist, which makes it kind of impossible on the first try ...

Thing is, heart attacks are not always as dramatic as people imagine or portray them to be.

According to Heart Foundation, most usual symptoms include nausea, sweating, shortness of breath, and chest pain that may spread to the jaw, back or shoulders. Remember this when you watch the video and try to spot the "most realistic" heart attack in it.

Watch the full video below:


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