Courageous Parents Donate Child's Organs To Give A Sick Little Girl A New Chance At Life

A story about giving hope.

Jamie Heard, 32, described her 2-year-old son William as a toddler with a sweet demeanor.

"He ran everywhere he went. He was just 100-percent boy," Heard told WKRN. "But a side of him was so loving."

On December 11, Williams choked on a piece of chicken while sipping soup inside their home in Brentwood, Tennessee. His parents rushed him to the hospital to remove the piece of chicken. However, he had no pulse and sustained significant damage.


William, the boy with the sweet demeanor, died two days later.

"It's just a tragic accident that we're still in shock over," Heard told WBBM.

After William passed away, his parents donated his liver, kidneys and heart.

"We felt so good about it and we thought it was an answered prayer that we were able to give a gift from our tragedy and able to help someone else," Heard told ABC News.

The recipient of William's heart was Ava Martin, a 1-year-old in La Grange, Illinois. Ava had congenital heart defects, and was in the ICU. She waited 118 days for a new heart.

"She had two open hearts," Amie Martin, her mother, told ABC News. "One when she was 7 days old, to correct an issue with her aorta, and another at 7 months old to help correct septal defects."

 Ava received William's heart through surgery.

With a new heart, Ava is on the road to recovery.

"This is something that all the money in the world couldn't buy us," Martin told WKRN. "And we are so thankful for what they've given us today."

And now the mothers of William and Ava will meet in person.

Jamie and Amie connected together on Facebook through a mutual friend and began a conversation. Jamie will visit Ava after she recovers.

"It'll be a special moment to hug Ava and know that William was able to provide life for her," she told ABC News.

(H/T: ABC News)


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