He Retook A 20-Year-Old Photo With His Dad. This Time, They Were Both In Uniform.

This son grew up to be like the man who inspired him the most.

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A photo can speak a thousand words, and this photo posted by the Auburn, Washington police department shows the unbreakable love between a father and son.

As reported by local news station WFAB, Officer Andy Gould and his son Michael recreated a 20-year-old photo from 1998 in honor of this past Father's Day. Michael always wanted to be like his dad, and the new picture shows he is following in his footsteps.  


In 1998, Michael took a photo sitting on his father's lap in his Auburn Police patrol car. "When I get bigger, I'm going to be my dad's partner and catch bad guys and burglars," the picture read. 

Two decades later, and the new photo Michael and his dad took depicts Michael proudly wearing his own police uniform — albeit for a different municipality.

"At 6'7", it was a hard squeeze to fit Officer Gould's son in his patrol vehicle on Father's Day this year, but they did it," the Auburn Police Department wrote on Facebook. "Recreating the photo 20 years later was a wonderful tribute to father and son. Hope all your father's out there had as wonderful a day as our own Officer Gould"


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