His Mother Was Killing Herself With Alcohol, What He Did Will Bring You To Tears

He tried to to save his mother's life.

To My Alcoholic Mother


Chris Sanders, Chicagoan and self-described "Motivational Nerd," posted this affecting video about his struggle to help his mother, who has long battled alcohol dependency. He titled the film "Pouring it Out." In it, we see a desperate Sanders pouring out more than $2,000 of his mother's alcohol in hopes of saving her life from the addiction that was killing her.

"My mom is a recovering alcoholic...with a condition that doctors say will kill her if she continues to drink, and while I know I can't stop her from drinking I'll do anything I can to reduce her access to it," Sanders writes. In a message to his mother, he pleads: "I really do love you mom and while seeing this might upset you, I know I had to do this. I just want the old you back."

Alcoholism is a problem that affects 15 million Americans. If you or someone you know is suffering from alcohol dependence, don't hesitate: seek out help now. Here are a few places you can go for support:

Alcoholics Anonymous


Recovery.org (for drugs and alcohol)


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