This Photo Of A Little Girl Walking Hand-In-Hand With Her Mom And Stepmom Shows A Beautiful Side Of Parenthood

"We just love our daughter."

No two families look alike as many are made up of different structures, with stepparents, single parents, foster parents, adoptive parents, LGBTQ+ parents, and beyond. The thing that matters most, however, is that a child has a loving environment to grow up in, and that they're supported on all sides.


Highlighting this point is Hayley Booth who recently shared a photo on Facebook showing how great co-parenting can be. Pictured in the back-to-school photo is Booth holding hands with her 4-year-old daughter, Rachel Elizabeth, who is also holding hands with her stepmom Dakota Pitman. 

In the post, Booth says people often ask her how she co-parents with her ex and her husband's second wife.

Her response? "We just love our daughter."

Booth goes into detail about how her daughter didn't choose to be born into the family and she didn't choose for her parents to get a divorce. Therefore, the family shouldn't try and make her life difficult by using her as a "bargaining chip" or involving her in adult drama.

Of course, every family situation is different, but Booth believes that as long as a step-parent is a loving, good influence on a child, that child should be able to love them back as a parent and call them "mom" or "dad." 

Booth adds, "Sometimes you just have to put the petty little things aside, to raise your child to be the amazing human being they are meant to be."

She ends the post by encouraging people to believe in peaceful co-parenting and by thanking her "village" for helping to raise her daughter.

(H/T: HuffPost)


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