Hawaiian Softball Players Show The 'Aloha Spirit' To An Opponent After She Injures Her Leg

"I would want someone to do that for my teammate."

Members of a Hawaiian softball team showed what good sportsmanship looks like during a recent championship game in California. When an opposing player injured her leg, members of the Cal A's Hawaii 16-U team put competition aside to help her.

According to Hawaii News Now, the other team's batter hurt herself after hitting a double, which the umpires would not grant her unless she made it to base. Since her own teammates and coaches were not allowed to help, members of the Hawaiian team stepped in to support her.

"For us, it's second nature," the team's infielder Gianna Araki said of the gesture, which was captured on video. "Our parents raised us to be pono and stay humble." In Hawaiian, "pono" is commonly translated as "righteousness."

As head coach Wendell Au added, "It doesn't matter the competition or what's done out on the field. They still keep that aloha spirit and that compassion for people in general."

"At first, we were kind of trying to keep the intensity up, trying to be strong-headed. But after awhile when she was still on the floor, we kind of felt that the respect we have from home, we thought, 'You know what, I would want someone to do that for my teammate,' " said Araki. "We went over there to show some respect because even if the game was super intense and even though they weren't the nicest, we still wanted to be pono and be humble and do the right thing."

She explained that she has noticed a difference between how the game is played in Hawaii versus on the mainland, as some other teams take the competition too seriously. Au said he believed the opposing team was surprised by the gesture. According to Hawaii News Now, the Hawaiian team ended up winning the game by one run. 

Cover image: Jon Osumi / Shutterstock.com


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