Ever Wondered What Smell Looks Like? These Mood Boards Show It All

What does your winter smell like?

There's something very nostalgic about smell. Like how the smell of rain might remind you of those long walks you used to take with your high school sweetheart or the how smell of cinnamon makes you think of Christmas. 

But how do you "show" scent? Sure, perfume ads feature long-legged girls in stunning gowns and men in beautiful Italian suits to sell their products, but that doesn't really say much about the smell itself.

Haus Interior, an interior design firm based in New York and Los Angeles, seems to have solved the problem. The firm teamed up with photographer Sully Sullivan to create stunning "smell mood boards" visually demonstrating how their candles actually smell. 

For instance, the mood board for their Summer Haus Candle, which carries notes of vanilla and coconut, features all things summer:  ice cream, hot dogs, sea stars and retro sunglasses. Very Wes Anderson.


Summer Haus Candle

Log Haus Candle

Gate Haus Candle

Garden Haus Candle

Manor Haus Candle

Mountain Haus Candle

Winter Haus Candle

Club Haus Candle

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