This Map Shows How People In Each State Feel About The #TakeAKnee Protests

How do people in your state feel about it?

The #TakeAKnee protests remain a hotly-contested topic that continues to divide Americans. There are those who believe the professional athletes and others kneeling for the national anthem have a right to do so as a way of peacefully indicating we must do more to fix the frequently unchecked police brutality against people of color, and there are others who see kneeling before the flag as a sign of disrespect to our country and those who have died to protect it.


Thanks to a dating app called Hater — which matches people based on their mutual hatred of various things — we now have a map that shows which states are most supportive of #TakeAKnee, and which states can't stand it.

According to Mashable, the folks at Hater have offered users the chance to weigh in on #TakeAKnee for several months, but the results were only published days after President Trump called for those expressing dissent by kneeling to be fired. Trump's words ignited a much more widespread protest that now includes coaches, team owners (many of whom have supported Trump in the past) and others.

Courtesy of Hater

The map shows traditionally conservative states like Wyoming, New Mexico, Iowa, and Mississippi were most against #TakeAKnee, while more liberal states such as Washington, Oregon, and Vermont overwhelmingly support the movement.

As Mashable points out, it's surprising to see some swing states, like Wisconsin and North Carolina, are also seemingly in favor of #TakeAKnee. The same goes for Nevada and Ohio, though it's important to remember users on this app likely skew younger than the general population, so it's not a completely accurate representation of how everyone in a given state feels. 

Last month Hater used data it had collected to create a map of the foods people dislike most in each U.S. state, and though this may seem like a negative way to approach dating and love, Hater founder Brendan Alper told A Plus earlier this year that empathy is actually at the root of the app. "If you hate the same things —  like you hate slow walkers or you hate the weather — it's really about empathy and being able to relate to someone's situation," he explained. "And I think that, looking at it from that perspective, obviously you would relate empathy to love and intimacy, so actually it makes a lot of sense."

While hating #TakeAKnee isn't exactly akin to hating licorice or a slow walker thanks to the former's social implications, there's no doubt this latest map provides some insight into the ongoing divisiveness pervading the country.


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