Teenagers Were Asked About Microaggressions That They Face Daily. Their Answers Are Telling.

"You're pretty in an exotic way."

There has been a lot of talk about microaggression lately. It's only natural to ask – so what is it exactly?

Microaggression is defined as a form of unintended discrimination. In fact, sociologist believe that microaggression might be "the new face of racism", as it has just as strong power to hurt another human being as direct racism because of its "invisible nature."

She Knows Media brings us a heartbreaking video that sheds new light on the issue. The video features five beautiful teen girls talking about microaggression. Phrases like "You are so pretty for a black girl" or "She has a Jew nose" is something that these teens hear daily.


Statistics are shocking. The average student of color is reported to experience 291 microaggressions in a period of three months. That's more than three times per day.

And it's absolutely not OK.

"Because they are micro, because they are very suttle, they are small," explains one of the teens in the video. "You feel like you don't have a reason to be upset, you're overreacting and people can even make you feel that way when you bring it up." 

But these comments can accumulate over time and, as another girl puts it, "leads to people disliking who they actually are."

Watch the entire video.

It falls upon each and every one of us to change this.

Please share the video to raise awareness of this issue.


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