13 Confessions That Show What #GrowingUpWithAnxiety Is Really Like

"Can you ask for me?"

Despite the fact that an estimated 40 million Americans suffer from an anxiety disorder, those of us who have a mental illness can often feel isolated and that nobody understands what we deal with. 

The best way to change the stigma of mental illness is to speak openly about it. Not only does that help foster understanding in those who don't have anxiety, but it's also helpful for those who do to see they are not alone — that there are people who share their struggles.

Twitter users have been sharing their experiences with #GrowingUpWithAnxiety, revealing exactly what it's like to have anxiety as a child.

Here are 13 incredibly relatable confessions:


1. Quality over quantity.

2. It's how you know who is a true friend and who isn't.

3. How could we forget?

4. "Uh, on second thought, I'd rather have cereal."

5. Even with no new texts or Facebook notifications, it's a nice security blanket!

6. Better safe than sorry!

7. It's even worse when you're a writer!

8. The fear of being judged is just too high.

9. "It's not you, it's me" is really true.

10. Sadly, not making eye contact with a teacher is the perfect way to get called on.

11. "Please don't look this way, please don't look this way."

12. Chuckie is our spirit animal.

13. Learning the difference and finally getting treatment is everything.

Did these confessions strike a chord? Head on over to Twitter and let us know what #growingupwithanxiety was like for you!

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