This One-of-a-Kind Chart Of Harry Potter Items Will Make Any Muggle's Home More Magical

Sword of Gryffindor? Check.

If you ever wanted J.K. Rowling to be your interior designer, the time(-turner) has come.


Sure, not everyone can live in a place as magical as Hogwarts, but Pottermore and Pop Chart Lab have co-conjured an enchanted addition to any wannabe-wizard or witch's home: the Magical Objects of the Wizarding World official print. 

This comprehensive and visually stunning spectacle of "arcane artefacts" details every magical object from the Sword of Gryffindor to the self-stirring cauldron to everything in between. To ensure mischief was managed properly, each item featured on the chart has "earned the Wizarding World mark of authenticity," according to Pop Chart Lab's Digital Media Commander Galvin Chow. So basically, J.K. Rowling found another way to enter the homes and hearts of muggles beside their overflowing bookcases. (Hey, we're not complaining.) 

If that wasn't magical enough, Chow added that the company plans to collaborate with Pottermore on "at least one more print before Christmas." Fans can look forward to adding this chart and whatever else they come up with to their holiday wish list. 


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