A Woman Penned An Open Letter To The Workers Who Criticized Her Shorts In A Store

Killing with kindness.

The experience of being body shamed in public can be difficult to share, but one woman from the U.K. is using her tale of body shaming to spread positivity.

On Saturday afternoon, Harriet Kinton was in a Superdrug store when she reportedly overheard two workers quietly insult her appearance — and, specifically, her shorts. The workers didn't realize that Kinton could hear their harsh comments. In turn, she decided to respond in a way that they weren't prepared for — with a big cheesy smile.

In a Facebook post, Kinton decided to "send back some love" to the workers by complimenting their hair. She also included a photo of what she was wearing and an important message about kindness.

"Just so you know, your words didn't hurt me," she wrote on Facebook. "The looks you gave me did not either. I do feel slightly saddened that you think it's ok to speak about another female, or in fact anyone, in that way. I don't believe you gained anything from it apart from looking a little bit silly when you realized I heard you."

Her post received over 45,000 shares as of Monday.


After her post went viral, Superdrug issued an apology and opened an internal investigation into the matter.

"At Superdrug, we pride ourselves on the highest levels of customer service and would like to apologize unreservedly if on this occasion we have failed to meet our high standards," they said in a statement.

Kinton is amazed about how her message is having a powerful impact.

"I never imagined it would gain so much publicity and it has definitely shown me how powerful social media can be," she wrote on Facebook.

A Plus reached out to Kinton for a comment.

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