10 Of The 'Most Underrated European Cities' To Add To Your Bucket List

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With so many places to see, picking your next travel destination can be a difficult decision.

For example, towns such as Woodstock, Vermont to Big Sur, California, in addition to the world's most beautiful beaches and national parks, keep making our bucket list that much longer. 

And now, with Harper's Bazaar's latest list of "The 10 Most Underrated European Cities," we've got a whole new collection of places to consider.

Those underrated cities include Budapest, Edinburgh, Porto, Verona, and more — all with their own unique cultures to discover and scenery to explore. 

So whether you're looking for a place to celebrate the holidays or a spot to take your own personal vacation, check out a few of the cities below and find the rest in the full video above.

Tallinn, Estonia

Verona, Italy

Bruges, Belgium

Edinburgh, Scotland

Salzburg, Austria


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