The Tune Sung On Your Birthday Might Sound Different Depending On Where You Celebrate

How do you sing "Happy Birthday"?

"Happy Birthday" is a song many of us know by heart, considering we belt it out multiple times a year for our loved ones. But have you ever heard what it sounds like in different countries all over the world?

In a recent video from Condé Nast Traveler, the publication rounded up 70 people to sing the "Happy Birthday" song in their country. This includes representatives from Spain, South Africa, South Korea, Estonia, Mali, France, Lebanon, Taiwan, China, Russia, Belarus, and beyond. And less than a minute into the video, viewers can see just how much the song changes across the globe, from its lyrics to its tune.


The song certainly has had an interesting history: in 2016, it was ruled as belonging to the public domain, The Telegraph reported. "Happy Birthday To You" was co-composed by Mildred and Patty Hill in 1893, and it was originally titled "Good Morning to All." 

"Although by 1924 the recognizable melody had been sung in American primary schools for nearly three decades, the publication was to trigger almost a century of legal wranglings which would result in 'Happy Birthday to You' being one of the most lucrative songs of all time," The Telegraph writes.

But some of the participants in the video reveal that they don't really have a formal way to sing happy birthday. This is relevant to Ghana, Senegal, and Kazakhstan, among other countries. 

"We usually just say 'happy birthday,'" a woman from Nigeria explains, "but there's a way to say it. It's just really complicated." 

Needless to say, whether you're doing a little bit of traveling or you're hoping to wish your friend a happy birthday, check out the video below to hear all the different ways to sing it. 


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