Here's How Gratitude Leads To Health And Happiness, According To Science

What are you thankful for?

When was the last time you said "thank you"? Moreover, when was the last time you thanked someone and really meant it? 

Though we may not realize it, gratitude can actually lead to a happier, healthier life. 

Seriously, science says so.

Happify, a website and app filled with science-based activities to help improve emotional well-being, has a new infographic that proves just how beneficial gratitude is for our lives. 

Whether your gratitude is directed towards the simple things in life or something extraordinary, feeling thankful can help build new friendships, increase your self-esteem, make you less aggressive, and much more. 


But how can we become more grateful?

With Thanksgiving just a week away, it's the perfect time to recognize all that you're thankful for and start feeling a little happier (and healthier) too.

For more information, check out Happify online or through the app section of your iPhone or Android.

Cover photo via iStock / teksomolika.


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