Artist Cleverly Masks 'Grotesque' Stuff With Glitter To Expose Society's Unrealistic Standards

"Glitter makes everything better."

Don't get us wrong, we love glitter. Glitter makes everything look better. But how much glitter is too much? Or perhaps there any things that we shouldn't mask with sparkles at all? 

Hannah Altman, a 19-year-old Pittsburgh-based photography student, cleverly uses the metaphor of glitter in her latest photo series titled "And Everything Nice." The project features numerous snaps of girls in different states of affliction and makes us question all that we know about the standards for female beauty in our society.


"The body fluid of the models have been replaced with glitter in order to visualize the concept of girls invariably needing to seem attractive regardless of what is actually happening each scenario," Altman told A+.

As Altman explained, the series aims to be a visual reminder of how unreasonable female beauty standards can be, given that women are often expected to maintain attractive looks no matter what. All models featured in Altman's photos are shot in situations that usually would be "considered grotesque." if not for the glitter. 

"The women models do not seem to acknowledge the glitter as something any different than natural body fluid..."

"... which supplements the idea that women have been conditioned to go to any length in order keep up an attractive appearance."

This certainly gives a fresh perspective on beauty standards and the morals behind them. 

Are we, in fact, expected to look pretty when we cry? We want to know what you think.

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(H/T: Take Part)


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