Here's What You Should And Shouldn't Do With Your Hands During An Interview

A handy guide.

Going into an interview can be nerve-wracking. First you have to think about preparation: What your resume and cover letter should look like, what knowledge you should equip yourself with before going in, and what you should wear. 

Once you're in the actual interview, things get even more complicated. You have to think about how to give just the right handshake (not too much pressure, but not dead fish), and, more generally, what your body language is saying to the interviewee. 

While there are loads of tutorials on Crazy Good Interviewing byJohn B. Molidor, Ph.D. and Barbara Parus. 

In a video (at the end of the article), Avella demonstrates a couple dos and lots of don'ts for hand gestures. Learn, and go forth and prosper. Your next interview will hopefully be a breeze.  


1. Do: Show Your Palms. "Showing your palms indicates sincerity."

2. Do: Steepling "Steepling displays confidence."

3. Don't: Hide Your Palms. "Hiding your palms is a sign of dominance. This type of body language shows you want to assert control over the situation."

4. Don't: Conceal Your Hands "Concealing them suggests you have something to hide."

5. Don't: Fidget or Tap Your Fingers "Fidgeting or tapping your fingers shows impatience."

6. Don't: Fold Your Arms "This makes you look defensive and insecure."

7. Don't: Overuse Your Hands "It's an interview, not a performance."

Watch the video below to learn more:

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