Music Video Made Of 1,250 Hand-Drawn Paintings Will Have You Glued To The Screen

It's hard to look away when each frame is different.

One thousand two-hundred-fifty — that's the approximate number of hand-drawn paintings it took to create this mind-blowing music video for German electronic music producer, Ralf Hildenbeutel.


Titled "Disco," the clip was made by Berlin-based filmmaker Boris Seewald, who hand-painted about 1,250 drawings of dancers, each different from the previous one.

When animated, all of Seewald's drawings merge into a stunningly smooth choreography set to Hildenbeutel's high-tempo track.

The viewers of "Disco" can gaze at the dancer going from gentle to a more intense pace of the routine, still keeping her graceful, ballet-like posture and moves.

At some point, it's even hard to remember that you're looking at a bunch of hand-drawn pictures and not a real person's performance.

Prepare to drool a little and check out Seewald's full video below:


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