Prankster Pretends His Car Broke Down. The Guy Who Stops To Help Has An Incredible Story To Tell.

'Everybody needs a little help here and there.'

We all know what to do when life gives us lemons. But how are your supposed to react when it sends an unexpected, nearly life-changing encounter your way?

YouTuber and prankster Ryan from Hammy TV has already found an answer to that, but the way he discovered it is almost hard to believe. Check out his story below!


A couple of days ago, the Hammy TV video crew set out to film a social experiment where Ryan had to pretend like his car broke down and he needed some help.

Two hours into the experiment, not one driver has pulled over to help Ryan with his tire. Until this car rolled in ...

'You're the first person to stop! What's your name,' Ryan asked, startled by the stranger's kindness. Little did he know he was in for an eye-opening story of bravery...

From the secretly recorded conversation between Ryan and a stranger named Eric, it appears that he had been a victim of a house fire that severely affected more than 50 percent of his body. For 27 days, Eric was in a medically induced coma and has been on a lot of medication ever since.

Apparently Eric saw Ryan as he was driving to a doctor's appointment, but couldn't stop at the time. As he was going home, he saw the prankster still lingering on the side of the road and decided to help him. According to the video, Eric was the ONLY person to pull over.

After learning more about Eric's story, Ryan felt compelled to help him out. But even he couldn't predict what this whole social experiment would turn into. When Hammy TV posted the video on their YouTube channel and linked to Eric's GoFundMe page, donations started pouring into his account.

Currently, the numbers are at $111,760. The money is supposed to go toward paying Eric's medical bills, buying clothes and other necessities, which he lost due to an all-destroying fire. 

Watch the full video below and learn more about this incredible story of compassion:


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