Bride's Brother Raps The Ultimate 'Hamilton'-Inspired Wedding Speech

"I figured I had to do something unconventional to be memorable."

"I figured I had to do something unconventional to be memorable, I had to create a moment that we could all share that was truly unforgettable," Matt Rotner says at the start of his speech at his sister Jenna's wedding to her new husband Ross Drucker at the Beverly Hills Hotel in California.  

"Cause weddings are big and merry and they call for celebration and, yes, I'm a Rotner so I'll live up to that reputation."

With that, Rotner takes off rapping the most epic speech, inspired by the opening song from Broadway's "Hamilton." 


In a video of the speech, Rotner asks for musical backup and begins:

"How does a Met fan, golfer, Long Island boy, an accountant, dropped right in the meltin' pot. Yes, New York City, ain't it pretty, the fancy lights and shows. Go meet this Jew from California ― you know where this story goes?"

As the rap continues, the camera cuts to the newlyweds, who are smiling and laughing along in — what appears to be — total awe. 

"When the first first few notes of the track hit after my intro, I saw her face and she was in shock," Rotner tells The Huffington Post. "I'll never forget her reaction and I'm so happy it was caught on camera."

At the end of the video, Rotner receives a well-deserved standing ovation from the wedding guests, including the bride and groom.

Be sure to watch it in full below:


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