17 People Who Took Pumpkin Carving To A Whole New Level

These are horrifyingly perfect.

1. The Redditor who says he's found his true calling in pumpkin carving.


2. The person who was watching Simpsons too much.

3. This couple and their pumpkin-themed baby announcement.

4. The girl who did a pumpkin burger for the contest in her office.

5. Ray Villafane and his cheeky creation.

6. The dentist with a good sense of humor.

7. This South Park fan.

8. This supervillain admirer.

9. Whoever made a whole triceratops from pumpkins.

10. The geniuses behind this pumpkin massacre.

11. The creative girlfriend who did this for proposal.

12. The mastermind who thought of twerk-or-treat.

13. Whoever paired these two together.

14. The girl who made this at her first attempt.

15. Witty husband who made this pumpkin pi(e).

17. This pumpkin carving master.

18. Whoever thought of this. It's perfect!

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