This Neighborhood Celebrated Halloween In May To Support A 5-Year-Old With A Rare Disease

"One neighbor told one neighbor... and it's an outpouring of love that you have never even imagined."

While many communities like to celebrate Christmas in July, one neighborhood in southern California came together for Halloween in May to help a little boy living with a rare disease celebrate his fifth birthday.

According to ABC 7, Carter Sakar, the birthday boy, has Sanfilippo syndrome, a fatal genetic disorder without a cure. Due to this condition, Sakar's body can't make proper enzymes to break down sugar molecules, causing children to lose their speaking ability around his age.

Because Halloween is Sakar's favorite holiday, he and his parents celebrated had a Halloween-themed birthday. Dressed in Star Wars costumes, the family took to the streets of their neighborhood — and were greeted with the best birthday surprise. 

"We honestly thought we were going to make it to four or five houses, but it just kind of spread like wildfire," Sakar's mom told ABC 7. "One neighbor told one neighbor, and they ended up getting a bunch of neighbors together, and it's an outpouring of love that you have never even imagined." One neighbor added that doing "the best [they] can" to support Sakar "was a no-brainer."


The Sakar family is also using his birthday party as an opportunity to promote awareness for Carter's Challenge, which raises funds for the Cure Sanfillipo Foundation. "Even though this is incredibly difficult every day, with everyone's help, it allows us to be the best version of us that we can be," his father explained to the local news channel. "For our community, for our children, in hopes that very soon we get a cure."

"He is such a special little boy and it makes me so proud to be his mom everyday," his mom concluded. "I just feel blessed to be able to tell his story and have so many people hear about it." Those interested in helping to Sakar's family and contribute to finding a cure for Sanfillipo syndrome can visit the website


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