This Isn't Your Average Makeup Tutorial: Watch Her Transform Into Emojis


Rachel Levin, a YouTuber with nearly five million subscribers, has released a Halloween makeup tutorial that will have tech-savvy emoji-lovers completely hooked. 

Rather than dressing up as a typical, overdone Halloween character (enough with the witches and cats already), Levin used her imagination to recreate two emojis from the iPhone keyboard.

Here's how she does it:


Levin begins with two semi-circles, cut from thick posterboard.

She uses liquid latex to attach the pieces to the sides of her face and covers her face with white paint.

"This is the base for any emoji you're going to ever make," she says, which makes it perfect for anyone's DIY project.

And then the magic happens. Levin uses face paint to cover the white space and transform herself into the moon emoji and then a crying emoji, too.

Regardless of the emoji you choose, you're sure to get major creativity points for your costume. 

Watch the tutorial below for complete instructions:


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