Creative Mom Makes Spooky Halloween Meals You'll Want To Eat Immediately

First this, then candy.

To make the most of this Halloween, start the 31st of October with a healthy but spooky Halloween-inspired breakfast.

Take inspiration from Lee Samantha, Malaysian mother of two, who creates whimsical and colorful imaginative meals. For each of her artworks, Samantha thinks of a story or a character and tries to express it using edible ingredients.

Here's ten examples that you can easily apply for your Halloween meal.


1. The Addams Family themed breakfast.

Samantha started creating food art back in 2008 to help her eldest daughter eat independently. After a huge positive feedback from the online community, she started posting regularly and now has more than 700,000 followes on Facebook and Instagram combined.

2. All things Halloween in one plate.

3. Joker themed breakfast.

4. Suddenly Maleficent doesn't look so scary.

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas that we want to eat.

6. Another Tim Burton-inspired idea, the Corpse Bride breakfast.

7. Dracula from paprika and other veggies.

8. Marceline the Vampire Queen themed breakfast

9. Deadly breakfast? Naah... Just some onion rings.

10. Creepy but tasty-looking spider meal.

Stay updated on Samantha's mouthwatering experiments by following her on Facebook and Instagram.

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