'Pig The Unusual Dog' Looks Like Her Body's Been Cut In Half, But Is Happy As Can Be

It looks like this dog has been cut in half.

Cats have long commanded the Internet spotlight, but a few dogs are barking their way to the top. 

One dog in particular is capturing the attention of people everywhere. Her name is Pig. 

While she is a Pig in name only, physically she more closely resembles a frog given she has fully developed legs attached to a body that appears to be half missing. 


Take a look:

The mixed-breed dog lives in Alabama with her owner Kim Dillenbeck, who adopted Pig after finding her abandoned in a forest. In a Sky News video interview, Dillenbeck explains that the dog has short spine syndrome, meaning she is missing about seven inches of her spine, and her hips and joints are not positioned correctly on her body. 

But that doesn't stop Pig from being totally lovable and having the best time as a dog. She's also gained much attention after Dillenbeck created her a Facebook page called Pig the Unusual Dog. The page has about 94,000 likes, and people everywhere seem to love the little dog's story.

In the Sky News video, veterinarian Dr Rachael Hudson-Breland says "The whole clinic loves her. She comes in, she's a rockstar here. We had no idea that she was a rockstar anywhere else..." 

"...And I don't think Pig really knows she looks any different."

Pig plays with friends in dog parks and in fountains, and we are so glad she gets to happily run around, though her vet adds: "She runs around, she plays. The only thing with Pig is ... she has respiratory issues, so when she's running around she gets a little more tired than most dogs."

Watch the video below to see Pig in action:

Check out more pictures from her Facebook:

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