Father Of 3 Builds A Genius Story Time Chair That Fits All Of His Kids At Once

Even the royals love it!

Parenting hacks are definitely not a new concept to anyone with the access to the World Wide Web, yet not a day goes by without the Internet praising some mommy or daddy for their creative parenting techniques — be it fun games or important life lessons.

We'll be glad to add one more example to that list — Hal Russell Taylor.

When Hal and his wife had their third baby, Rose, they faced an unusual problem. Being an avid reader for most of his life, Hal wanted to pass on his love for books to his children, but it suddenly became impossible to have them all sit on his lap all at once.


Refusing to leave any of his kids behind, Hal came up with this weird mechanism, which is actually kind of genius.

Taylor, who has almost 25 years of experience making rocking chairs, decided to use his talent and crafted this triple rocker to perfectly fit him and all of his kids at once.

'Not having a lap large enough for 3 children, this meant that Rachael, the oldest, had to stand by the chair at story time. I felt this was not at all fair and thought, 'Well, I make rocking chairs, I can figure this thing out!' And I did.'

All of Taylor's kids played an important part in the making process. Here's Thad sanding the first StoryTime chair ever made. Looks like he couldn't wait to sit in it!

Interested in getting one for your family? Find out more about Hal's wonderful rocking chairs below.

Hal's handcrafted chairs sell at $7,000 to $7,500 a piece. If you think that's a bit pricy for a rocking chair, wait until you learn the immaculate process of making them.

Each of the rockers are handcrafted with precision. Taylor says manufacturing one of these chairs requires cutting at least 262 separate pieces of wood.

Every single detail is carefully planned and arranged. Just check out these oddly satisfying joints, for an example!

The back braces are made out of multiple strips of wood. 200 perfectly cut and shaped strips, to be precise.

In 19 years of making these StoryTime chairs, Taylor has sold close to 50 pieces. Five of them now belong to Abu Dhabi's royal family of Sheikh Zayed.

(H/T: Reddit | Bored Panda)


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