6 Hair Trends That Are Going To Be Huge In 2016


2015 was all about granny hair, man buns, and glitter roots. But now we all are dying to know what 2016 has in store for us when it comes to hair trends.

Just in time to kickstart the year, we put together a list of hair trends that various stylists predict will be huge this year.


1. Opal.

Conceived by hair colorist Aura Friedman, the opal hair trend is all about recreating the gorgeous pastel colors of the gemstone.

"I've always played around with variations of color, like being able to see different shades when the light hits in different ways," Friedman explained to Refinery29.

To achieve this unicorn-like look, first dye your hair platinum blonde, then add a bit of color. While the trend is absolutely gorgeous, you do have to be ready to invest time in maintaining the look as the pastel colors do not last long. 

2. Fringe.

Seen all over spring/summer runways — from Prada to Alexander Wang — bangs are coming back with one heck of a bang.

"When bangs aren't precisely the right shape, it can alter the proportions of your face as well as be extremely difficult to style," hair stylist Oscar Blandi explained Harper's Bazaar. "Keep track of how long after you got them cut that you truly loved the length, so that you can time a trim just right."

3. Keeping it Au Naturale.

Perhaps the biggest trend of the year is doing less unnecessary styling and opting for options that won't damage your hair.

Toss you hair straightener and rock those curls. Make braids before falling asleep for a wavy texture. Air dry when possible. You do you.

4. Lived-in.

If you dream of a hair color that doesn't need touch-ups, look no more. The lived-in hair trend is the answer to all our laziness, without sacrificing the prettiness, and can last up to six months.

Coined by Los Angeles hair stylist Johnny Ramirez, it's a fresh update on balayage and ombré. 

"You will have a blend of colors next to each other, from ashy to blonde to brunette, as this is what gives it that lived-in color look," Ramirez explained in a Refinery29 interview. "[The look is ] comfortable yet sexy; being put-together without looking like you tried too hard."

5. "Tough-girl" braids.

You reckon braids are only for little girls? Wrong. According to Vogue, braiding your hair is the key to a "tough girl's" look in 2016.

Seen on the runways of Celine and JW Anderson, the trend is relatively easy to copy, and we'll be definitely stealing.

6. Saturn.

Just as the name suggests, this look was inspired by the planet Saturn and the rings around it. Created by Karine Jackson, a hair stylist based in the U.K., the trend features mid-hair dyed in a light hue which contrast with dark roots and ends.

"We did something very striking here, but we tone it down in the salon — we use one or two shades lighter [than your base shade], which gives a subtle little feature to straight hair," Jackson told Refinery29 when commenting on the look captured in the photo above.

Anything worth trying? Let us know in the comments.

(H/T: Refinery29, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue)


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