Meet The 'Hair Freezing' Contest Winners. It Was Only -30 Degrees.

It looks like a blast... of cold winter air.

It all went down in a very, very, very, very, (okay, you get the point) cold place in Canada called Whitehorse, Yukon. What do the people who live in these frigid temperatures do for fun? Celebrate winter, of course.

Every year, Whitehorse has a winter festival called Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous. Over the course of ten days, the celebrants participate in evens such as a "horror-themed pub crawl" and a "lip sync jam." 

But the one getting global attention? The annual "hair freezing contest" hosted by Takhini Hot Pools. 


Here are this years winners! Brr.

Want to join in on the fun? Here's how it works:

You need to be a (literally) freezing environment, so first get somewhere cold. Dip your hair in water and shape it into a freaky style. Snap a photo and post to the Takhini Hot Pools Facebook page. 

The contest runs every February for the whole month. Winner gets a cash prize and a whole lot of prestige. 

Her ponytail is a work of art.

The snow-lashes are kind of pretty.

This guy didn't stop at his head.

Aww, mom and daughter.

We're not sure what to make of this lady's hair hat.

Watch the clip of the winners rolling in the snow then jumping in the hot spring for some relief.

When you can't beat the winter, you might as well find a way to enjoy it. 


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