Woman Uses A Shopping Bag Instead Of A Shower Cap When Dyeing Hair, And The Fail Is Hilarious.

"I deffo deserve a free bag for life."

When a British woman named Rebecca Alison Richardson had a major, yet kinda hilarious, hair dyeing accident, her brother did what any other loving sibling would do — He shared the pictures of the screw up online for the whole Internet to see.


You must be thinking, "What on Earth is going on?" Well, that green thing imprinted on the top of Richardson's head is, in fact, the logo of Asda, a supermarket chain in Britain.

You see, when dyeing your hair at home, it's pretty common to use a shower cap to make sure the dye doesn't get on your clothes. And judging by the photo above, the closest thing Richardson could find was a shopping bag. 

This wouldn't have been a bad idea, had the green logo not soaked into her hair, along with the dye.

The comments under the Facebook photo suggest Richardson is not the only person who has had a hair dyeing accident of this kind:

Tell 'em, lady.

(H/T: Mashable)


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