We're Obsessed With HAIM's Synchronized Dance Moves At A Britney Spears Concert

They know "Oops! ... I Did It Again" by heart.

We love how HAIM's sisterly bond comes through when the band performs together, and they're certainly no strangers to choreography, as seen in their music video for "I Want You Back." But nothing could prepare us for this video of them dancing along at a recent show in Britney Spears' Piece of Me Las Vegas residency.


As it turns out, Este, Danielle, and Alana know Spears' iconic dance moves from the "Oops! ... I Did It Again" video by heart, as they showed off in the concert's audience while the pop star performed. If you're waiting for proof, don't worry — the band posted a video of the choreography on Instagram. They know every hand gesture, shoulder shrug, and turn, and they have the attitude to match it. We can't stop watching.

To top it all off, the band even added a funny caption to the clip, calling themselves "drunk moms at a bar mitzvah." To be honest, we doubt a trio of drunk moms would be that coordinated.

We've loved watching HAIM's amazing covers of everyone from Shania Twain to Selena Gomez, but we have to admit, all we want to hear after watching this video is a cover of a Britney Spears song — with the moves to match. Odds seem pretty good that they know the "... Baby One More Time" routine as well. We wouldn't object to a series.

(H/T: Hello Giggles)


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