Using This Technology, You Can Charge Your Phone With Your Shoes

These boots were made for charging.

Does the battery on your phone run out too soon? What about your camera or GPS? To solve this everyday dilemma, Hahna Alexander, co-founder and CEO of SolePower, developed a removable insole for shoes, enabling wearers to charge their devices as they walk.


SolePower was launched in 2012 after the idea arose from a design project at Carnegie Mellon University where Alexander and her fellow classmates were asked to solve a problem for students. They decided to create shoes with lights to make it easier for people to see in the dark. After researching the project, however, Alexander realized the shoes could harness other types of energy. So, SolePower was born. 

On the product's Kickstarter page it explains just how the amazing hi-tech sole works: simply place the technology in your desired pair of shoes, run the charging wire along the laces and plug it into the battery. The battery — which uses a patented kinetic charger to delivers constant data and communication — can be attached to the top of your shoe or ankle. Then, start walking and charging. 

Cindy Kerr, SolePower's Commercial Director said in an email to A Plus that one of the brand's challenges was designing around the foot. "We are lucky to be working with well designed boots from experienced boot manufacturers, so the only part of the boot that has to be designed is where the kinetic charger and sensors fit into the sole so that the fit and comfort is not compromised." 

Besides continuous battery life, this amazing technology also provides location tracking, cloud access, and embedded sensing.

The company — which raised over $60,000 on Kickstarter and received funding from investors and contracts — has been refining its target market by focusing on people in industries like construction, oil, and gas, where tools such as GPS, smartphones and accelerometers always need to be fully charged. The brand also began working with the National Science Museum and the U.S. Army.

"Right now we are focused on Industrial and military applications for self sustaining connected boots that help workforces stay safe," Kerr said. "We see lots of potential for connected wearables for remote workers, park rangers and outdoor enthusiasts. Stay tuned."

While the insoles are not available to the masses yet, we hope we'll be able to charge our tech with our shoes soon. As the brand's Kickstarter campaign said, "We're inventors at heart, and our goal is to solve problems using cool technology. Plus, we'd reeeaaallly like our phones to stop dying! "

"Seeing our newest prototype boots work is one of my proudest moments," Kerr told A Plus, "We are excited to take the product into test with companies who want to improve safety of employees."

This post has been updated to include comments from Cindy Kerr. 

Cover image via Namning I Shutterstock

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