'Skin' Is The Inclusive Line Of Hijabs For Men And Women Of All Different Backgrounds

"This is about inclusion. Mixture. Love. Togetherness."

Today, there are several fashion brands making strides to appeal to customers of various shapes, sizes, ages, and religions. We've seen lingerie brands prove "nude" garments shouldn't just mean one color, and now we are pleased to see the concept applied to a modest clothing brand called Skin for hijab-wearing consumers. 

Skin was recently launched by blogger Habiba Da Silva who wanted to create an inclusive line for men and women of different backgrounds. 


Skin currently has four different colored hijabs that match four skin tones. Da Silva told A Plus via email that she "played with the theme of 'marriage' through naming the hijabs to really highlight the whole idea of togetherness of different entities." For example, Zaffeh means "wedding march" in Arabic, while Aure is Hausa for "marriage."

"I was inspired by cultures and neutral shades. I also wanted to glorify using models from different colored backgrounds which is different to most modest clothing brands," Da Silva told A Plus. 

On Instagram, she pointed out that Skin isn't only about people wearing the same color hijab as their skin tone, it is about coming together, "This isn't to show people only wearing one color or to stick to the color similar to their skin tone. This is about inclusion. Mixture. Love. Togetherness."

Da Silva is currently working on adding more shades to the collection and hopes she will be able to launch them soon. It may be impossible to create a specific shade for all of the thousands of skin tones out there, but Da Silva has the right philosophy of trying to bring everyone together through her brand.

(H/T: Refinery29)


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