Police Raided A Home With A Child In It, And Now We Need To Help The Family

This family needs our support.

Bounkham Phonesavanh, or "Bou Bou," as his family calls him, was only 19 months old when he survived a reported "flash-bang" grenade blast.

The person who threw that grenade was Habersham Deputy Charles Long, according to ABC News.  He and a SWAT team were performing what has been described as a "no-knock" raid on the Georgia home where the Phonesavanhs were temporarily staying, and the grenade  — which is not meant to be lethal — landed next to Bounkham's crib. 

Although he survived, the blast did significant damage. Dr. Walter Ingram, the head of the burn unit that treated Bou Bou, told ABC that the little boy's chest was "torn down to muscle." 

"It tore his face down to bone, down to his teeth," Ingram said. 

In order to keep Bou Bou healthy, he will need surgeries into adulthood. His medical bill has already exceeded one million dollars, which is why the Phonesavanh family is petitioning Habersham County Police Department to pay their son's medical bill.

You can help support the family by signing the petition here

Bou Bou's father, also named Bounkham, was the uncle of a suspect the officers were looking for. From ABC News:

It all came about because a drug task force had been looking for Bounkham Phonesavanh's nephew, 30-year-old Wanis Thonetheva, who police suspected was selling methamphetamine. Using information from a confidential informant, drug agent Nikki Autry had secured a "no-knock" search warrant that allowed the police to enter his mother's home unannounced. According to the warrant application, the informant had allegedly purchased drugs from Thonetheva at his mother's house where the Phonesavnah's were staying.

Bou Bou's mother, Alecia Phonesavanh, says that the officials from Habersham county are "hiding behind the claim they would be giving us a 'gratuity,'" referencing a state law that ABC writes "prohibits them from compensating the family.

The agent who acquired the "no-knock" warrant, Nikki Autry, has already resigned. 

The unit who executed the raid has been disbanded. 

But the Phonesavanh family is still drowning in their son's medical bills. 

You can help them by signing this petition

Related: Georgia State Senator Vincent Fort has also created a petition to prevent militarized police from barging in on innocent civilians. You can sign that here.


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