'Gym Wildlife' Mocks All The People You See At The Gym In The Best Way

"We also have the more vocal group who yell and grunt in order to seek attention from all surrounding homo sapiens."


In this hilarious video, brothers Hudson and Brandon White of health and fitness YouTube channel Buff Dudes parody BBC's nature documentary-style to show us what's really going on in the gym. They compare the archetypes that frequent your local fitness center to animals in the wild. 

"The human males, like the peacocks and other exotic birds of the wild, spread their arms wide and prance around in hopes of intimidating other males and, in the process, attracting a suitable mate," the narrator says. "In a twist of fate, the opposite often occurs as they drive away the brave free weight females, who look on with disgust and repulsion."

The whole video is about six minutes long, and worth every second. 


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