This Gym Teacher Is Teaching Kids To Whip And Nae Nae To Combat Childhood Obesity

Watch them whip, nae nae, and do jumping jacks.

2015 was the summer of Silento. Everyone was dancing to "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)." Old folks were doing it. NFL players were doing it. Pregnant ladies were doing it. It was at every wedding you've been to in the last 3 months. And thanks to one amazing gym teacher in Alabama, the hottest new dance is headed to an elementary classroom near you.

Jason Paschall, a Phys Ed teacher at Harvest Elementary School has transformed the nae nae into an aerobic workout that really gets the kids in his class going.


The song is used as a warmup to the "Cardio Thursday" curriculum, and features the standard whip and nae nae that we know and love.

But other moves, like doing the stanky leg, were traded out for more aerobic options, such as lunges.

"Each Cardio Thursday I plan a lesson in which the students leave class with sweaty clothes, hearts pumping and legs worn out," Paschall told

In addition to adding in the lunges, there are some other changes that really kick this dance up a notch.

During the parts meant to be freestyled, Paschall added in some jumping jacks and punches to bring it to a new level.

They even added in some pushups to really pump up the workout.

"If I can get students off the couch during their childhood and outside playing or doing heart-pumping activity indoors, then I think they are more likely to live healthy adult lives," Paschall continued to

Paschall also reports that his cardio version of the dance has been an incredible hit with his students. They've been teaching the new moves to their parents, friends, and teachers, encouraging them to get moving. 

The video has also been sent to First Lady Michelle Obama, in hopes that it can be integrated into her Let's Move! campaign.

Check out the new way to nae nae that's sure to get your heart going.

[All images via: Jared Paschall]



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