These Guys Fail Miserably When They Try To Identify Women's Beauty Tools

How many of these can your guy friends identify?

Oh, Cosmopolitan. You woefully underestimate the modern man.


The most recent installment of Cosmopolitan magazine's popular "Clueless Guys" video series on YouTube shows their usual group of ostensibly clueless men haplessly attempting to identify various women's beauty tools.

Who ARE these men? Staffers? Actors?

Or are they actually clueless guys that Cosmo found roaming the urban wasteland, completely dumbfounded by anything having to do with women?

"It blows out your eyebrows."

Dude, come ON. 

Have these guys never watched a woman get ready? Have they never actually seen a woman put on her makeup?

I mean, okay, maybe if you were locked away or something or... 

"This looks like a prison shank... This looks like they'd sweep my cell."


What? No. Just... No.

"You could probably use it to... Tighten your bra a little bit?"

Right, because bras are well-known for not being restrictive enough. Mmm-hmmm.

Come on, Cosmo. Did you really find guys who had absolutely no idea what a hair bungee was or are you just trolling?

Alas, we may never know.

You tell us: could your guy friends name these items?

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