This Is Why Men Don't Think This Is Sexy

But girls will do it anyway.

This fascinating video from proves that guys might be the future decision makers of the fashion industry.

They even came up with creative new ways to describe styles.


For example: "Trashy Formal"

"Rock Climbing Fashion"

"Slutty Pajamas"

The men often had trouble identifying how some of these pieces would even be worn on a woman's body. When presented with a black, lumpy item, one guy thought it looked like proper attire for a funeral.

In fact, if his date showed up wearing that piece he would say, "I'm sorry for your loss."

This is what the guys were looking at:

And this is how it's worn.

We think it's nice. 

This chic outfit had them really stumped:

One guy shook his head in sorrow: "You see your underwear and you're wearing bell bottoms at the same time, it's very embarrassing."

OK, so maybe these guys don't have a future in fashion. But they definitely have a future as hosts of "Fashion Police."


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